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Our Santa Fly-in for 2013 was yet another success!

Santa arrived right on schedule and took his seat at the head of the room. After calling each child by name and presenting them with a gift, something they had on their list, everyone went home happy and we had completed the task we set out to accomplish. This event has become one looked forward to by many families in the area with people requesting information in early November. With food and hot chocolate to fill their tummies, the excitement of Santa's arrival and Christmas music in the background, kids really have a great time. This was the 6th year we have sponsored this event and from the crowd we have each year it will probably continue to be a hit in the coming years. If you haven't attended one and live close the area, plan to attend the 2014 event. Besides, who said we had to be a kid to enjoy Santa??

Thanks to all the members that made this event possible. A special thanks to Kurt for being "Rudolf" in the BT-13 leading Santa safely into OGB, to Augusta Fiberglass for providing the Citation for Santa to make the trip in and Richie and Carroll for providing pilot services for this trip. Most of all, thanks to "Santa" and all his little helpers. Without the "main man", none of this would have been possible!

See you all again in December of 2014!! Have a great year!


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